I watched with anticipation,
eyes glued to the Twitter feed.
Unable to get to Holborn,
I waited whilst they took the lead.
They took to the streets in protest,
then finally got inside,
but couldn’t communicate
with us here on the outside.
I waited with baited breath
and frustration at the silence.
I wanted to know the whole story,
so that I could jump off the fence.
Tensions rose inside the meeting,
accusations flew around.
The board decided to resign
but still hands and mouths were bound.
A vote of no confidence
was passed by members fair
and although I didn’t attend
I felt like I was really there.
There’s lots of questions left to ask,
and more answers to come out
but one thing that is clear to me
is that poets have some clout!
The Poetry Society
imploded all at once today
and we were there to witness it
and each of us had our say.
We drew together one and all
making friends along the way;
through Twitter we united
to make this an historic day.

© C Ashley-Roberts, July 2011


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